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Custom Website Design (Back To Top)

Every website we design is custom made to match your business. We don't use website templates unless requested. This insures that your web site will be original and match your business, setting you apart from your competitors.

Home Page (Back To Top)

The home page of your website is usually the main gateway to your website from search engines and directories. This page must be kept in good shape both visually and from an optimization point of view. Think of the home page as the front page of a magazine, it should be good looking and enticing enough for visitors to want to see more and look at the rest of your website.

Contact Form (Back To Top)

The contact form is used to collect contact information from your visitors. The visitor does not have to have his/her email account available to use an online form because the email will be sent by your email server. This enables the client to send the form from anywhere, such as a library or book store.

Content Pages (Back To Top)

A content web page is true content which is not dynamically created from a database. It is a "static" web page. This page could be your company history, about us, FAQ, product details, services and so on. It is very important to have useful content on your site which focuses on your services and or products.

Domain Name: (Back To Top)

A domain name is the unique text name corresponding to the numeric IP address of a computer on the Internet such as www.sellersbay.com. Internet users access your website using your domain name. We will setup your domain for you at no charge.

Web Hosting    (Back To Top)

Web hosting is required by all websites, some host their own websites however this required expensive hardware, software and connection services. Seller's Bay takes care of this for you. We offer high quality servers to our clients with a guaranteed 99.9% up time or you get that month free. We have various web hosting programs available to meet any businesses needs.

Online Email Control Panel (SmarterMail Professional Edition 2.6) (Back To Top)

All hosted websites will have their own online email control panel where they can log in, check and send email, setup new accounts and much more. We also have an online tutorial demonstrating how to download your email to your computer with Microsoft Outlook.

Online Visitor Tracking System (Back To Top)

Visitor tracking system will show you where your traffic is coming from. This is very valuable for marketing purposes.


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